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    Glassdoor ( is a free career resource that gives you an inside look at salaries, reviews and interview questions for over 150,000 employers!

    Glassdoor has four primary content areas:

    • Jobs searching capability, helping your students find a job from the millions of job posting on the world’s largest career community, Glassdoor.
    • Interview Questions & Reviews help students prepare for Job Interviews by providing actual interview questions and reviews for specific employers from previous interview candidates.
    • Company Salaries include specific salary, bonuses, and commission details that help students negotiate and better understand salaries at a company and for specific jobs.
    • Company Reviews help students understand the Pro’s and Con’s of working for a particular employer, as well as what the culture is like and what makes the employer unique.

    Career Portal

    Our newest feature is the Glassdoor Career Portal, which includes a fully customizable career search with links to your top recruiting Company Jobs, Job Title Salaries, and Popular Job Title Salaries.